One-way PET kegs for drinks on tap

KS20 | KS20+

Capacity 20 liters
height 610 mm | diameter 250 mm
Weight (empty) 1,3 kg

KS24 | KS24+

Capacity 24 liters
height 610 mm | diameter 270 mm
Weight (empty) 1,4 kg

KS30 | KS30+

Capacity 30 liters
height 690 mm | diameter 285 mm
Weight (empty) 1,4 kg


KS repleceable fittings for KS-Hybrid™ system

Capacity 20 liters
(Steel kegs sold separately)

General features

KS kegs combine several very important aspects for the user in a unique product: great control, had by checking constantly the content thanks to the translucency of the walls; quality of the materials, hard and elastic, Oxygen and light shielding active barrier; easy to use right from the start, without needing to buy machinery.

The product range currently includes three sizes available in 20, 24 and 30 liters capacity, with and without the food bag inside, indicated due to the intended use and consume.

All KS kegs adapt perfectly to common existing on tap systems. The liquid can be pulled out using compressed air or CO2 as required.

The kegs are sold pressurized containing nitrogen or CO2, two inert gases that keep the internal product unaltered.

The innovative connection allows the kegs to be tap and un-tapped as many times as like without any loss of pressure.

The depressurization of the container is made very simple to implement thanks to a thin membrane located in the valve, which can be broken through with a tool supplied specifically, alternatively a common wall nail or pointed tool.

Keg Solutions collaborates with all the major manufacturers of keg machinery on the market, the keg is designed to adapt to almost all existing plants, avoiding further investments by customers.

All KS kegs are stackable both full and empty up to 4 units and are sold on pallets of 36-45-48-60-64-80 pieces or through other specific channels (please contact the sales office to find out more).

All materials in touch with the beverage comply with food contact law and without the addition of paints or dyes.

The kegs are also ideal for the use of small producers and home-brews, in fact they work with most of the “S” type sankey connection available.

The kegs with the internal bag can also be used with compressed air or any gas anyway.

Keg Solutions offers the possibility to personalize the external wall with the customer’s logo in relief on the plastic. Alternatively, the transparent inner bag can be printed with graphics provided by the customer. The graphics remain visible only when the drum is full and is a service provided only for certain volumes.



Our kegs weigh approximately 1.2kg compared to the 10kg of traditional barrels and as such present the final user with a huge advantage: they are much easier to handle and therefore much more practical. This does not however compromise the robustness of the KS26 keg thanks to the use of particular plastics that are subject to endurance tests. They are sold in 45 unit euro-pallets and can be autonomously filled and re-filled in accordance with the criteria provided by Keg Solutions.

The KS kegs are certified by the most highly regarded Italian organisations and certifying bodies to guarantee a product that conforms to all safety regulations. All the components that come into contact with the liquids are in neutral materials without any additives or artificial colouring to 100% ensure the health and safety of the contents.

Despite the fact that the kegs are mono-use they still have a lower impact on the environment than stainless steel barrels. In fact, the KS keg is made out of recyclable plastic ( PET, PE, Polyamide, PP etc.) and by eliminating the return journey with the empties back to the company and then the cleaning process, there is a reduction in CO2 emissions. Finally, its air compression tap system means that there is also a net saving of gas and cylinders, and everything else that that entails.

Our Keg Solutions barrels are suitable for any kind of beverage. The revolutionary design helps to preserve the contents and their quality, by preventing any air from getting in. We have filling methods that are suitable for all types of companies from micro-producers to big manufactures who package a high volume of draught beverages.


No, the KS-Fittings can be used only with special steel kegs sold by our partners

The KS26 kegs are perfectly compatible with traditional draught systems and no modifications are necessary.

No. A normal air pump is sufficient to enable you to use the Keg Solutions kegs.

Of course, as long as the internal pressure doesn’t exceed the safe level of 3 bars.

All you need to do is break -throug the membrane in the top white part and let the gas relief. Another option is using the KS-K tool to be bought in the shop

Yes, but it’s important to be in touch with the machine producers to be sure everything works well

Isobaric filling allows you to maintain the same pressure in the keg that you have in the original drinks container. This system gives you increased flexibility when dealing with products that have different characteristics.

Absolutely not. The idea behind the keg is that it is a disposable product and as such its re-use could cause serious storage and quality problems.

KS General Technical Characteristics


Dear valued customer

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We will quantify the delivery costs to your destination and send you a detailed quote within 24 hours.

The order will be processed once the quote has been accepted and paid.

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