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Keg Solutions produces and markets mono-use disposable kegs and provides related services in the packaging industry. The company is made up of a young and efficient team who, in collaboration with a selected number of Italian suppliers, have developed this sustainable product that meets market needs.

In addition to supplying kegs, Keg Solutions is also able, upon request, to put its clients in touch with partner companies who supply machinery and specialised assistance. The mono-use kegs are key to breaking into new markets and meet all international certification requirements.
The company offers a 360° consultation service with regards to the beverages sector from the machinery to the logistics to the sourcing of raw materials, the production is organised in accordance with the most modern Lean manufacturing principles.

The premises are in Verona, in the Z.A.I zone, and may be visited by appointment.

Drink & Beverage The draught drinks sector

Our experience in this field allows us to offer our clients winning solutions. We can guarantee excellent results, both in the long and the short term, for companies of any size.

TECHNICAL SKILLS A specialised team at your service

Keg solutions invests in research and guarantees its clients technically trained staff and forward-looking processes and products.

LOGISTICAL SKILLS Step by step assistance

Keg Solutions offers its clients tailor made logistical and transport services with made to measure solutions.

FINE TUNING SERVICES The ideal solution

f you don’t want to incorporate new bulky machinery and new staff into your operations, then Keg Solutions has the answer: you can maintain your current production line but incorporate smoother processes that will yield cheaper results.

KS Vision

Keg Solutions may be a young start-up but it is commercially viable and greatly ambitious. The main objective is to become a key player in the world of packaging development, with the focus on simple principles and sustainability. In fact, safety, sustainability, stability and flexibility are at the core of Keg Solutions.
The company has decided to focus on plastics, having identified the correct use of this material as the future of this sector, and is gradually trying to expand into foreign markets.

KS Mission

Keg Solutions has entered a developing market with an innovative product which not only allows beverage companies to expand in response to ever increasing competition and the subsequent need to reduce costs, but indeed incentivizes them.
Keg Solutions aims to become a company that accompanies the economically sustainable growth of beverage manufacturers, whilst keeping an eye on advances in technology and environmental sustainability.

Green Philosophy

In this day and age, it’s impossible to do business without taking into consideration the impact on the environment. The company itself and all Keg Solutions products have been designed and developed right from the beginning in accordance with green principles, using environmentally friendly products and identifying non-polluting manufacturing processes. The environmentally friendly ethic of our company means that all company activities are subject to CO2 emissions reduction policies, raw materials used are recycled, renewable energy sources are used and there is a strong commitment to the use of substances and processes that have a low environmental impact. Taking care of the world in which we live should be a priority for any forward-thinking company.

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