Innovative Technology

The KS products are technically avant-garde products, studied down to the finest detail to meet your business needs. Our proposals are tailor-made to meet your requirements and you may also use our personalised logistics and machinery services.

Keg Solutions kegs have been designed to take care of beverages in the best possible way. Thanks to the presence of high-tech food pouches, the liquids are perfectly conserved and have a much longer shelf-life both when the keg remains unopened and once it has been opened and attached to the pump.

The fact that the kegs are made out of PET means that we can approach new markets both quickly and serenely. The KS keg ‘Sell & Forget’ system allows new companies to enter the market without having to invest heavily upfront in stainless steel barrels, by simply ordering the packaging in line with production output. The combination of a number of elements of the keg from the ease of filling to the airtight and insulated packaging, the size, its general ease of use, its robustness and the safety of the materials used all facilitate trade with foreign markets, which would otherwise not be possible.

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Our kegs weigh approximately 1.2kg compared to the 10kg of traditional barrels and as such present the final user with a huge advantage: they are much easier to handle and therefore much more practical. This does not however compromise the robustness of the KS26 keg thanks to the use of particular plastics that are subject to endurance tests. They are sold in 45 unit euro-pallets and can be autonomously filled and re-filled in accordance with the criteria provided by Keg Solutions.

The KS kegs are certified by the most highly regarded Italian organisations and certifying bodies to guarantee a product that conforms to all safety regulations. All the components that come into contact with the liquids are in neutral materials without any additives or artificial colouring to 100% ensure the health and safety of the contents.

Despite the fact that the kegs are mono-use they still have a lower impact on the environment than stainless steel barrels. In fact, the KS keg is made out of recyclable plastic ( PET, PE, Polyamide, PP etc.) and by eliminating the return journey with the empties back to the company and then the cleaning process, there is a reduction in CO2 emissions. Finally, its air compression tap system means that there is also a net saving of gas and cylinders, and everything else that that entails.

Our Keg Solutions barrels are suitable for any kind of beverage. The revolutionary design helps to preserve the contents and their quality, by preventing any air from getting in. We have filling methods that are suitable for all types of companies from micro-producers to big manufactures who package a high volume of draught beverages.

  • Materials

    Ours are more resistant than those currently on the market

  • Process

    We fill the kegs from the top down using the isobaric filling method

  • Preservation

    The products are preserved in an air-tight environment

  • Fitting

    Standard “bayonet” fitting

  • Custom-made

    Create your own Keg Solutions keg

By eliminating the need to invest in huge premises for the filling and storage of barrels, manufacturers who use the Keg Solutions kegs can budget more efficiently and choose how to spend their money, perhaps by investing more in the quality of the product. You can be free from the challenges that come with the running of a warehouse from the bookkeeping to variables such as expenses related to spillage, damage, repairs, theft, and returns. The pouches inside the kegs will allow you to save on cleaning and sterilization costs as well as increase the shelf-life of the product within. All of these factors mean that drinks manufacturers can concentrate on developing their business for the future.

The multi-layer food pouch inside the kegs preserves the quality and the characteristics of the content by preventing CO2 leaks and oxidation. The liquids inside never come into contact with the gases that press against the pouches, as due to the effect of reverse pressure, the bags push the liquid up, where it stays in its airtight environment. Once the multi-level pouch has been emptied, it will be completely flattened in on itself and the tubes don’t even need to be emptied, so there is no product waste. From the very first to the very last drop, the drink will have the same taste and same level of fizziness. The anti-UV filter has been tested and certified to ensure the prevention of any damage or change to the appearance /texture or taste of the drink. The transparent packaging is one of the great advantages of the KS26 kegs: you can see at a glance the quantity and type of product contained within and also if there is any foam or residual material. Keg Solutions is the first company in the world to produce transparent kegs.

Why choose Keg Solutions

Keg Solutions kegs are here to meet your business needs.
With our innovative system you’ll be able to offer your clients a better product, with reduced management costs.


The UV barrier system designed and registered by Keg Solutions has passed all the tests administered by specialised laboratories as well as beer-sommeliers and other experts in the field.

The KS26 kegs are perfectly compatible with traditional draught systems and no modifications are necessary.

No. A normal air pump is sufficient to enable you to use the Keg Solutions kegs.

Of course, as long as the internal pressure doesn’t exceed the safe level of 3 bars.

All you need to do is detach the bayonet fitting and the air will automatically go out of the bag.

You need to have the attachments and machinery supplied by Keg Solutions to be able to fill up the kegs.

Isobaric filling allows you to maintain the same pressure in the keg that you have in the original drinks container. This system gives you increased flexibility when dealing with products that have different characteristics.

Absolutely not. The idea behind the keg is that it is a disposable product and as such its re-use could cause serious storage and quality problems.

KS General Technical Characteristics