News / 02.05.2017

The revolution has just begun!

After a long wait, Keg Solutions is pleased to present to the public and customers the product that aims at challenging the packaging industry.

The keg KS26 is, actually,  the result of a great investment in research and development to ensure a container that is superior to those already on the market in terms of performance and safety.

KS26 uses the innovative two-compartment 26-liter capacity system that prevents gases from being in touch with the beverage.

The “big deal” of the keg designed and produced by Keg Solutions is certainly the UV-screen technology (patented Keg Solutions), which protects  100% from UV rays.

The keg represents a great innovation in the current market situation, ensuring excellent results regarding product quality, handling, ease of use, safety and sustainability.

Many other solutions are being offered by Keg Solutions in the packaging and beverage industry.

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KS Staff

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