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KS-Hybrid ™

News / 31.08.2021

A new type of product for beer conservation and dispensing is now available on the market.

Keg Solutions, a well-skilled Italian company that produces single-use kegs for drinks “on-tap”, is consolidating in Europe as one of the main suppliers for wine and craft beer producers.


Thanks to the know-how raised in the engineering stage and the joint-venture with some companies in the steel sector, Keg Solutions is able to launch a brand new model of metal keg with a replaceable inner bag.


The innovative system, registered by Keg Solutions, is called KS-Hybrid ™. With this name the producer intend to positione the product across the packaging’s panorama at halfway between the one-way disposable keg with internal bag, and the traditional steel kegs.


The combination of both product’s best characteristics in a single system guarantee the best possible shelf-life of a beverage container in the market, including both stocking and tapping phase.


We live in a moment in which we cannot renounce at the use of disposable plastic but at the same time we want to use the minimum possible quantity, constantly aiming at new ways to reduce emissions and consumption.


The KS-Hybrid ™ system goes straight in this direction. The use of virgin plastic, actually, is drastically reduced (by 90%) compared to that necessary for the production of one-way kegs with bag, mantaining the same excellent result on tapping.


Compared to single-use kegs, besides, there is a great saving in costs and emissions related to transport. The kegs are often carried pressurized occupying a large volume. In this case, however, a single pallet can load hundreds of fittings.

At the same time, there is no longer need to wash steel kegs, a process that absorbs a great amount of water, energy and chemicals.


The system is designed for those beer producers (or draft drinks in general) who run their own pub or have a localized customer base. In the other hand, for distant customers, disposable kegs remain the best and most sustainable solution. Even some bars have already purchased the KS-Hybrid ™ system directly, when they run out of beer they change the fitting and go back to the supplier to be refilled.


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