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The brewing revolution has begun. The KS disposable kegs are the result of a R&D process carried out by the best professionals in the industry supported by selected Italian suppliers.
The advanced technology and the innovative design of the kegs guarantee a whole range of uses, ensuring at the same time the quality of the beverage and the safety of the users.

The B-I-B system using vacuum food-grade bags guarantees that the appearance and taste of the beverage are perfectly maintained, even when attaching it to the pump to be pulled out, as the liquid is always in a sealed bag. This also eliminates any waste of liquid after spillage.

All the KS kegs can be used in every existing “on tap” and filling system.
The completely recyclable keg is compatible with any bayonet fitting, can be filled just like an ordinary stainless steel barrel and stacked up to 4 in high.


The best that new technology has to offer has been incorporated into our kegs to offer a solid and durable product that best protects the drink. Designed with beer, wine and soft drinks in mind.


The practical design of our kegs ensures the maximum safety and ease of handling during transportation, storage and barrel changing.


Keg Solutions commitment to the environment can be seen in its 0 emissions production and the fact that the kegs are completely recyclable.


We are in touch with all the filling machine producers and able to supply both micro-producers and big companies.


Weighing only 1.2 kg, our kegs are extremely light compared to traditional barrels and as such offer a concrete advantage when it comes to transport, movement and storage.

  • Cheaper
  • Content lasts longer
  • More environmentally friendly
  • No accounting for deposits and returns
  • New transparent anti-UV technology
  • No contact between the liquid and gas
  • Completely recyclable
  • The taste of the content remains unchanged from beginning to end
  • Food bag that protects contents from gas and light
  • No cleaning costs
  • Light-weight
  • Excellent attributes
  • ‘Sell and forget’
  • Savings on logistics
  • Visual check of foam and quantity
  • Proved success
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Beer Industry Your beer will not lose its quality

Wine Industry Your wine deserves the best possible protection

Soft Drinks Industry Keg Solutions is suitable for all drinks

Our Green Solution

One of the biggest challenges that our economic system has to face is environmental sustainability. Keg Solutions is doing its part by investing in innovative energy efficient projects and boosting its use of renewable energy sources, as well as designing products that have a low or zero impact on the environment. We believe that this is the only way to go so we are promoting the green way of doing business.

We want our company to be part of the solution, not the problem, to interact with the social and territorial system of which it is a part and to grow together with that sector and in the world. Our kegs are completely recyclable.

All of the raw materials can be easily separated in a few simple steps and be used to produce new Keg Solutions kegs.
Some of the key elements are already produced from 100% recycled plastic.

We collaborate with Lifegate

to compensate the CO2 emission produced by our activity, through reforestation and purchase of carbon credit.

COVID19 Update

News / 16.03.2020

In according to the requirement of the Govern and our safety policies, Keg solutions remains OPEN and fully operative. We are respecting all the safety and sanitary reccomandations and measurement provided by the Authority.

Keg Solutions works with ZERO impact

News / 07.02.2020

Keg Solutions is always looking for new ways to reduce corporate environmental impact. Eco-sustainability is one of the cardinal principles of corporate values.

KS in Rimini!

News / 14.01.2020

Keg Solutions will be at the Rimini EXPO fair during the Beer & Food Attraction event scheduled from 15 to 18 February 2020. The stand, inside the BBtech section, is number 200 in hall C1. Come and say hi, we’ll show you our new 30 liters Kegs more info about the event here qui.

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